Code of Ethics

Freedom of expression

Freedom of expression and freedom of the press are fundamental human rights protected by the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Freedom of the press is a means for society to obtain and communicate information in order to meet basic needs and improve people’s quality of life. In realizing this freedom of the press, Indonesian journalists also recognize national interests, social responsibility, the diversity of society and religious norms. In fulfilling its functions, rights, duties and roles, the press respects the human rights of all, which is why the press is expected to be professional and open to scrutiny by society.

To ensure freedom of the press and fulfill the public’s right to accurate information, all journalists need a moral and ethical foundation as a guide to maintaining public trust and maintaining integrity and professionalism. The website code of ethics may include principles and guidelines that are expected of users and operators of the website.

Here are the code of ethics that can be used as a guide:

Maintaining courtesy and decency: Communicate with other users in a polite and respectful manner. Avoid using harsh, threatening or abusive language. Do not distribute content that promotes hatred, discrimination or violence.

Respecting the privacy of users: Protect users’ personal information by keeping it confidential and not sharing it without permission. Establish clear and transparent privacy policies that explain how user data is used and stored.

Prohibition of illegal activities: It is forbidden to use the website for illegal activities or actions contrary to the law. Do not share any material that infringes the copyright, trademark or intellectual property of others.

Responsibility for the content: Make sure that all content shared on the website complies with applicable rules and regulations. Do not spread false, misleading or harmful information about other parties. Do not post or share any content that may cause viruses, malware, or damage the user’s system or device.

Compliance with the code of professional ethics: Be aware of compliance with the relevant ethical and professional standards applicable in the industry. Do not promote products or services in a deceptive or unethical manner.

Comments and Feedback: Provide constructive and helpful comments or feedback for other users and the operators of the website. Avoid personal attacks or disparagement of other users in comments or feedback.

Safety protection: Do not attempt to access or damage other users’ systems, data, or personal information. Report any security issues or vulnerabilities you discover on the website to the website operators.

Children’s rights: Respect the safety and privacy of children using the website. Do not distribute content or materials unsuitable for children.

This Code of Ethics is designed to promote a positive, fair and safe experience for users of the website.